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Holding the team together and guiding everyone through is Nemichand.  Actively involved in design discussions and equally interested in every decision regarding food, this foodie hails from the culturally rich state of Rajasthan.

The post of that ever relaxed person in the office always believing 'Sab ho jaayega' has been taken by Lokesh, he also gets a tinge of the energy and spirit of Mumbai to Studio Hu'mane.

Yashada our ‘English expert‘ belongs to the holy city, Nashik. Also a multi tasker, she is always determined to do every job which comes her way.

Clear and outspoken, Nupur  adds  the missing Puneri punch to this not so Puneri office. Always filled with energy, her laughter never fails to recharge the office atmosphere.

Every office needs someone to maintain the peace even at panic hours. Calm and composed Rahul from Belgaum, Karnataka is a boss at keeping it under control even at submission deadlines.

Set out on her journey to explore this vivid city of Pune and its architecture our new team member Keerthana comes all the way from Tiruppur,Tamil Nadu.

The office’s go to person for any techno doubts is Harisangeeth . Belonging to Wayanad, Kerala, Hari is tech savvy and always eager to take up new challenges.

Ishan’s precise  work and  willingness to take up responsibilities has always proved an asset to the office. Coming from the cradle of maharashtrian food, Kolhapur , we also appreciate him for frequently bringing mouthwatering food to the office.

Belonging to Mumbai, Pratik is Sincere in approach and genuine in effort. Pratik is enthusiastic about travel and has a keen eye for picture perfect frames.

Exploring the city of Pune through its Maharashtrian cuisine, Our food expert Anmol believes that the best way to know a city is through it's food. Being a Hyderabadi with a lot

of influence of Mumbai culture, he brings an authentic vibe and an artsy touch to the office.

Coming all the way from Goa, Ishwar is filled with enthusiasm, humor and laughter. Bucked with photography, cooking skills and many more, he brings taste to the evenings of the studio.The same is reflected in his participation.

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